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Why Are Large Truck Accidents More Complex?

Posted on: January 4, 2017 by Edwards & Patterson Law

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Vehicle accidents in general can be complicated; truck accidents, particularly large truck accidents can be very complicated. With any accident, certain variables come into play. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCA) collects and studies data on accidents involving large trucks and codes the variables. This information helps in the design and implementation of regulations and rules to help make roads safer for everyone. It also helps identify and define flaws in roadway design or traffic flow. In fact, the data collected is used in a variety of ways to help create safer driving environments.

Causes of Large Truck Accidents
According to FMCA, the many elements which influence a crash can occur at any period of time. From months to seconds before the accident there are ingredients brewing that will ultimately lead to the event. Some of these factors are avoidable, some are not. Some may be considered inevitable while some may be considered sheer negligence. It is necessary to tease out those causes that could have been avoided or should not have been overlooked.

Many questions come up in in sorting out the causes in large truck accidents. What was the weather at the time of the crash? Was the driver properly trained for the load being carried? What were the highway conditions? What was the condition of the truck? Was there mechanical failure? Was human error involved? As you can tell, an accident involving a large truck is not a cut and dried situation.

Dealing with the Complexities
Thousands of people are killed or injured each year in large truck accidents. FMCA identified three key variables to accidents with large trucks:

  • Critical event – the circumstance that may lead to the accident
  • Critical reason – human error, mechanical failure or environmental factors
  • Associated factors – as you can imagine, there are many associated factors

When there’s been an accident involving a large truck, you need someone on your side who understands the complexities and all the nuances involved in getting to the heart of the matter. Hiring a lawyer who is familiar with the variables in such a situation is critical.

Fortunately, the law office of Edwards & Patterson is very well equipped to fight for you. We are knowledgeable regarding Oklahoma laws and regulations governing over the road vehicles. In addition, we have the expertise and tenacity to look deep into the matter to identify critical factors connected to the accident so you can be fully compensated for your injuries.

Our lawyers work with other teams as necessary to get the complete picture. Accident reconstruction teams, investigators and medical experts are among those with which we communicate to gather information and develop a successful strategy. We can provide you with a free consultation when you contact us for more information.

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  • Contact Edwards & Patterson Law Firm today for a free consultation.
  • Contact Edwards & Patterson Law Firm today for a free consultation.
  • Contact Edwards & Patterson Law Firm today for a free consultation.
  • Contact Edwards & Patterson Law Firm today for a free consultation.
  • Contact Edwards & Patterson Law Firm today for a free consultation.
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