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7 Safety Tips to Avoid an Auto Accident

Posted on: October 18, 2016 by Edwards & Patterson Law

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Getting into an auto accident is not just a costly inconvenience. You or your passengers could end up suffering serious injury or death. While you cannot control what other drivers are doing, you can ensure that you take sufficient caution to avoid getting into an auto accident. By paying due care and attention to your driving and surroundings, you will greatly reduce the chances of getting into a serious crash. There are a number of safety tips to keep in mind, which will help you stay safe while traveling the roads of  Eastern Oklahoma.

Distracted Driving

Distracted driving is a major cause of auto accidents. If you are looking at your cell phone, paying more attention to your surroundings than the road, or the kids are screaming in the back of the car, your reaction times are reduced and you are much more likely to have an accident. As the driver, you are responsible for getting your passengers to your destination in one piece. Eliminating any distractions will allow you to focus on driving and looking out for potential danger.

Auto Maintenance

If your car is not in good shape, you are running a serious risk of getting into an avoidable auto accident. Problems with your transmission or brakes, for instance, can cause your car to react faster, slower – or not at all. Regular tune-ups are essential. However, it is also important to ensure that you address any issues immediately. Failure to do so could cost you in more ways than one.

Check for Blind Spots

Blind spots have the potential to cause fatal auto accidents. Even if you are in a rush, taking the extra ten seconds to check for blind spots is better than being involved in an accident which could cost a life. If you drive more than one vehicle, always remember to adjust for the difference in blind spots, too.

Passenger Control

One of the best ways to avoid distracted driving is by limiting the number of passengers in your vehicle. Never carry more passengers than there are seats in the vehicle. If there is no reason for someone to come along for the ride, consider leaving that person at home.

Adverse Weather

If weather conditions are unfavorable, avoid driving altogether if you can. When avoiding travel is not an option, remember to adjust breaking times and vehicle control to suit the weather. Try to avoid roads which are likely to have the poorest handling conditions for the weather. If you have forewarning about adverse weather conditions, it is also a good idea to brush up on safety recommendations for driving in those conditions.

Watch your Speed

It goes without saying that there is never a time when you can safely abuse the speed limit. No matter how good a driver you think you are, you are always at risk of getting into an auto accident when driving too fast or slow. Erratic changes in speed, such as weaving in and out of lanes of traffic, is also a sure way to find yourself in a car wreck.

Enforce Seat Belts

Not only should you always wear a seat belt but so should your passengers. If you need to break or swerve suddenly and someone is not wearing a seat belt, it could result in an accident which would have otherwise been avoided. Remember, when you are traveling at speed, a sudden stop or change of direction will propel any object with force in the direction you were traveling.

Don’t allow the trauma that follows an auto accident to prevent you receiving fair compensation. Edwards-Patterson are experts in ensuring our clients are not left to deal with the consequences of a car accident that wasn’t their fault. Stop by our website for more information on how we can help you deal with the aftermath of an auto accident.

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