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Dog Bite Injuries Tulsa

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A dog attacking a man in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Even the most seemingly docile pet can lash out and severely harm adults or children. A dog bite should never be taken lightly, since even a minor wound can lead to a severe infection. In some cases, dog bite victims suffer long-term and even life-threatening injuries. Sadly, the victims of dog bites are often young children.

In addition to physical and emotional pain, serious dog bite injuries can lead to costly medical bills, lost wages, and other expenses that start piling up. After you seek medical attention, it’s important to turn to a Tulsa dog bite lawyer for help.

At Edwards & Patterson Law, our high standard of professionalism is well-recognized. Attorney Matthew Patterson has been honored among the Top 40 Under 40 by the National Trial Lawyer Association and received the Top 10 award by the National Academy of Personal Injury Attorneys. By the same token, Attorney Tony Edwards holds Martindale-Hubbell’s highest rating in legal ability and ethical standards.

Our legal team stands ready to help you get the compensation you need to move forward following your dog bite injury. Contact our Tulsa personal injury lawyers now for a free consultation to learn about your legal options. We are always available to answer your questions and discuss your case.

Do You Have a Dog Bite Lawsuit in Tulsa?

If you have been injured from a dog attack in Tulsa, you may be entitled to significant compensation from the pet’s owner or their homeowners’ insurance policy. However, Oklahoma’s dog bite laws can be difficult to navigate. It is recommended that anyone who has been severely injured by a dog speak with an experienced dog bite lawyer about their rights and legal options.

Thanks to Oklahoma’s strict liability dog bite law, you may be able to recover compensation for your injuries simply by showing you were acting lawfully at the time of the attack. Our experienced dog bite injury lawyers can review your case during a free consultation and explain if you have the legal grounds to recover compensation for your injuries.

What Are Common Injuries Caused by Dog Bites in Tulsa?

Dog attack victims could suffer from a wide range of physical and emotional trauma during a dog bite.  Some harm can be as severe and permanent as amputations, disfigurement, and even death. The most common dog bite injuries include:

  • Puncture wounds
  • Broken bones
  • Torn ligaments
  • Skin lacerations and avulsions
  • Eye injuries
  • Head and neck injuries
  • Facial injuries
  • Nerve damage
  • Scars
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • Rabies
  • Bruises
  • Abrasions

What Does Oklahoma Law Say About Dog Bites?

The Oklahoma dog bite law makes the dog owner strictly liable for any damages caused when certain conditions are present.

The law does not require the victim to show that the dog is inclined to bite or be potentially dangerous. In addition, the dog owner’s negligence does not need to be proven.

You must prove the following conditions to establish your dog bite claim:

  • You did not provoke the dog or cause it to attack.
  • The dog bit or injured you.
  • You were legally on the property where you were attacked.

In certain instances, a victim can also bring a claim against a landlord if the dog belonged to a tenant and they knew that the dog was dangerous.

What Compensation Can You Get and When to File a Tulsa Dog Bite Claim

The best way to determine what compensation you might be owed is to consult with an experienced dog bite injury attorney.  An attorney will help determine the potential value of your claim by evaluating the damages you suffered, which may include:

  • Medical bills – This covers the cost to treat the injury you have already paid or incurred, as well as estimated costs for future treatment and therapy that you may need in the future.
  • Loss of income – Loss of income includes any income lost as a result of missed work while in recovery from your injuries. Also, future income loss can be included if you are disabled as a result of the dog attack.
  • Property damage – Any damage to property when the attack happened can be recovered, such as if your phone broke during the attack.
  • Pain and suffering – You may also be able to recover compensation for the physical and mental pain and suffering that you went through because of the dog bite.
  • Permanent disfigurement – Any damages that you suffered when the attack leaves you with permanent and disfiguring scars can also be part of your demand for compensation.

In Oklahoma, the statute of limitations or deadline for filing a civil lawsuit for a dog bite is two years from the date that the dog bite or attack happened. In other words, victims or their survivors (if the attack was fatal) only have two years from the incident to file a lawsuit.

How Can a Tulsa, Oklahoma Dog Bite Lawyer Help?

When it comes to a dog bite claim in Oklahoma, a lawyer could help you in the following ways:

  • Review your case and estimate how much your claim may be worth.
  • Inform you of your legal options and answer your questions concerning your rights.
  • Investigate the attack and build a convincing injury claim.
  • Negotiate for a fair settlement that takes all of your expenses and losses into account.
  • If necessary, file a lawsuit and fight in court to recover the maximum compensation that you are entitled to.

If you or a loved one was injured from a dog bite in Tulsa, contact Edwards & Patterson Law as soon as possible. Our dog bite attorneys are ready to fight to protect your rights. Our commitment to our clients is directed by our firm’s slogan: “We care. We fight. We win.” That’s our pledge to our clients. We will give our best to you because we care and want the best outcome for you. Contact us now to discuss how we can help you.

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  • Contact Edwards & Patterson Law Firm today for a free consultation.
  • Contact Edwards & Patterson Law Firm today for a free consultation.
  • Contact Edwards & Patterson Law Firm today for a free consultation.
  • Contact Edwards & Patterson Law Firm today for a free consultation.
  • Contact Edwards & Patterson Law Firm today for a free consultation.
  • Contact Edwards & Patterson Law Firm today for a free consultation.
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