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Top 10 Most Dangerous Areas for Drivers in Tulsa

Posted on: April 17, 2019 by Edwards & Patterson Law

Car accidents happening along the intersection lanes.

Tulsa is a large and rapidly growing metro area. Unfortunately, as Tulsa’s population has grown, the roads have become more congested, leading to a high number of traffic crashes. In 2017 alone, a reported 13,752 crashes occurred in Tulsa County – roughly 38 per day – according to the Oklahoma Highway Patrol. Many of these auto accidents lead to serious or even fatal injuries.

If you live in the Tulsa area, you may want to know which spots are the most dangerous ones for drivers. Do crashes tend to occur more often on certain stretches of road or at particular intersections? If so, what can you do to avoid trouble in those areas?

In 2015, The Tulsa World identified the “most dangerous roads in Tulsa.” The newspaper based the list on police crash data from 2014 and considered the number of injury crashes and fatal crashes. The “hot spots” which the newspaper identified were:

  • Memorial Drive at 81st Street – This intersection in southeast Tulsa had 34 injury accidents in 2014 and no fatal crashes. Due to several shopping centers and the nearby St. John Clinic urgent care center, traffic tends to get busy in this area.
  • Broken Arrow Expressway at Memorial Drive – The Broken Arrow Expressway, or “The BA” as people in Tulsa often call it, shows up several more times on The Tulsa World’s list of dangerous roads. It is a major traffic artery in the city. This particular intersection had 28 injury crashes, including one fatal wreck, according to the newspaper.
  • Broken Arrow Expressway at Sheridan Road – A reported 25 injury crashes and one fatal accident occurred in this area. Sheridan Road is a heavily traveled four-lane roadway, which contributes to the high number of crashes here. A recent road construction project near the intersection has only added to the potential danger.
  • Broken Arrow Expressway at Lewis Avenue – The crashes at this intersection tend to be severe. According to The World, it was the site of nine fatal crashes as well as 24 injury accidents. Traffic from nearby shopping centers serves as a major risk factor here.
  • U.S. 169 at 51st Street – At this intersection, traffic enters and exits the Mingo Valley Expressway (U.S. 169). Also, 51st Street goes from a two-lane to four-lane road. In 2014, 22 injury crashes occurred here.
  • U.S. 169 at 41st Street – Here, the Mingo Valley Expressway intersects with 41st Street after it changes from a two-lane road to a four-lane road. It is in a heavy residential area, which makes it extremely busy at rush hour. It was the site of 20 injury crashes, including one fatal.
  • Memorial Drive at 61st Street – There were 19 injury crashes at this intersection, which gets a great deal of traffic from the nearby Woodland Hills Mall shopping district and numerous surrounding subdivisions.
  • Mingo Road at 71st Street – This is one of the busiest intersections in Tulsa. Stores, hotels and restaurants surround it. Traffic also comes from nearby Union High School. In 2014, 17 injury crashes occurred here.
  • Yale Avenue at 51st Street – This intersection is located at the northwest corner of LaFortune Park near the Vandalia Shopping Center, several restaurants, stores and apartment complexes. It was the site of 16 injury crashes.
  • U.S. 169 at 71st Street – Here, the Mingo Valley Expressway passes through a busy commercial area. In 2014, 13 injury crashes were recorded at this intersection.

Keep in mind: The Tulsa World’s list is based on Tulsa police data. Because the Oklahoma Highway Patrol – not local police – typically respond to crashes on interstate highways, the list does not reflect the dangers which many drivers face while traveling on I-44 and I-244 in Tulsa.

For instance, I-44 at Highway 167 is a major interchange which has seen a high number of wrecks through the years. This is mainly due to traffic from the nearby Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, which often draws large crowds for concerts and other events. Additionally, crashes frequently occur at the 1-44 and Highway 169 interchange and where I-44 and I-244 meet.

Why Do Accidents Happen at a Higher Rate in Certain Areas of Tulsa?

The most dangerous roads and intersections in Tulsa have one thing in common: Heavy traffic and frequent congestion. When traffic is “bumper-to-bumper” during certain times of day such as the morning and evening rush hours, drivers frequently get into rear-end collisions. In many cases, these crashes occur because drivers fail to pay attention to where they are going.

Statistics from the Oklahoma Highway Patrol indicate that, on average, roughly 7,700 accidents occur each year in our state due to distracted drivers. Roughly a quarter of those crashes involve drivers who were distracted by the use of electronic devices such as cell phones. Interestingly, distracted driving crashes in Oklahoma are highest between the hours of 4-8 p.m., when traffic tends to be the heaviest at the accident “hot spots” which we listed above.

Poor road design clearly can be a contributing factor to accidents at certain intersections. Still, human error remains the main reason why most accidents happen in Tulsa and elsewhere in Oklahoma.

Our Tulsa Car Accident Attorneys Will Fight for You

At Edwards & Patterson Law, we know how a car accident can quickly derail your life. Even a seemingly minor crash at an intersection can lead to serious injuries, medical bills, loss of income and expensive vehicle damage. We are here to protect your rights, help you to navigate the insurance claims process and fight for the compensation that you are due. When you work with our experienced car accident attorneys, you will quickly see that we care about you and your future. We want to make a difference in your life.

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