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Truck Accident Lawyer in Muskogee

Yellow truck overturn near the road.

Trucking accidents are some of the worst that occurs on Muskogee’s roads. Tractor-trailers are much larger than other vehicles. They are also heavier and take much longer to slow down and come to a stop. As a result, when they are in an accident, those in the smaller vehicle stand little chance. Even when they survive the collision, these victims may be left with severe, life-changing injuries.

At Edwards & Patterson Law, we care about you. We will begin an immediate investigation of your truck accident case and fight for the compensation that you deserve. We won’t just care about winning your truck accident claim. We will also care about your future. Contact us now to get started with a free consultation.

Common Injuries in Muskogee Semi-Truck Accidents

Truck accident injuries can be catastrophic. Victims often face extensive medical treatment and a decreased quality of life. While any part of the body can become injured in a crash, some types of injuries in these crashes are more common than others, including:

  • Back and neck injuries – Discs in the spine can become dislocated or even rupture during a truck accident. Neck injuries such as whiplash are also very common.
  • Cuts and lacerations – The impact of a collision with a tractor-trailer can throw a person around in the cabin of a passenger vehicle and result in serious cuts.
  • Broken bones – Trucks are powerful, and when they crash into other vehicles, it is easy for someone to suffer multiple broken bones.
  • Head injuries – A traumatic brain injury can change a person’s life forever. Some people never function the same way again after sustaining a TBI.
  • Internal bleeding and damage to organs – When the body is hit with blunt force, it can cause internal bleeding that damages organs such as the bladder, liver, kidney, pancreas and spleen.
  • Burns – The explosion in a truck accident can cause victims to suffer severe burns which result in permanent disfigurement.

When you work with the attorneys of Edwards & Patterson Law, we will collect all of your medical records, speak with your doctors and, if necessary, review your case with other medical experts. We may also consult with life care planners who can help us to determine the care and treatment that you will need as you move forward after a serious accident in Muskogee.

When Do You Need a Truck Accident Lawyer in Muskogee?

After a truck accident in Muskogee, you will need to determine who is liable for the crash. In many cases, multiple parties are at fault. You will also need to collect evidence from the scene and from elsewhere, including logs and inspections reports from the trucking company. Ultimately, you must deal with insurance companies that will attempt to offer you the lowest settlement possible – one that fails to fully cover the costs of your injuries and other losses.

A trucking accident lawyer at Edwards & Patterson Law will stand up to the insurance company for you. However, it will be crucial for us to get started on your case right away. Trucking companies and their insurers will move quickly to cover their tracks after a crash. You will need to have an attorney on your side who will move quickly and aggressively for you.

What Cases Do Our Muskogee Tractor-Trailer Collision Attorneys Handle?

Our attorneys have experience with handling many different types of truck accidents in Muskogee, including crashes that involve:

  • Jackknifing – This type of crash occurs when the trailer of a truck swings away from the cab at a 90-degree angle. It usually happens after a truck driver has hit the brakes too suddenly.
  • Rollovers – If a truck driver loses control of the truck, it will sometimes roll over onto its side, crushing anyone that is nearby.
  • Tire blowouts – When a tire blows out on a truck, it can cause the truck to veer uncontrollably.
  • Blind spots – The blind spots on trucks are significant, which can be dangerous for others who share the road with them. Many crashes involve trucks that plowed into cars that were in their bind spots.
  • Underride – If a truck stops too quickly, smaller vehicles behind the truck do not have enough time to come to a full stop. They may end up becoming stuck under the truck, which is extremely dangerous.
  • Spilled loads – If the load on a truck is not properly secured, it can fall out of the truck, hitting other vehicles or blocking their path.

At Edwards & Patterson Law, we understand the unique aspects of these types of crashes. We are ready to put that knowledge and experience to work for you.

How Can You Establish a Truck Accident Claim?Accidents Claim

When you work with an experienced truck accident lawyer from Edwards & Patterson Law, we will immediately go to the crash scene to get photos and investigate what happened in the crash. We will also promptly gather evidence such as driver logs, cell phone records, GPS and black box data, chemical test results and truck inspection and repair records. We will also talk with witnesses. If necessary, we will consult with highly knowledgeable professionals in areas such as accident reconstruction and life care planning.

Our goal will be to conduct a thorough investigation that establishes liability and the amount of damages which you are due. Although we resolve most Muskogee truck accident cases through settlement negotiations, we will be prepared to put a persuasive case before a jury. We won’t rest until we have done all we can to pursue maximum compensation for you.

Contact Our Experienced Muskogee Truck Accident Attorneys Today

If you have been hurt in a truck accident, do not wait to contact our Muskogee truck accident attorneys at Edwards & Patterson Law. We have the experience it takes to hold negligent truckers and trucking companies accountable. While you focus on getting better, we will handle every aspect of your claim, from gathering evidence to negotiating the full settlement you deserve. We care. We fight. We win. Contact us now for a free consultation.

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  • Contact Edwards & Patterson Law Firm today for a free consultation.
  • Contact Edwards & Patterson Law Firm today for a free consultation.
  • Contact Edwards & Patterson Law Firm today for a free consultation.
  • Contact Edwards & Patterson Law Firm today for a free consultation.
  • Contact Edwards & Patterson Law Firm today for a free consultation.
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