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Do I Still Need an Attorney for a One Vehicle Accident?

Posted on: January 6, 2017 by Edwards & Patterson Law

one vehicle accident

Accidents happen for any number of reasons no matter if several vehicles or only a one vehicle accident. There are also different types of accidents. Looking at all the obvious factors in your case may help you decide if you need an attorney.

When you are involved in a one vehicle accident it may seem logical that an attorney is not needed. After all, your vehicle is the only one damaged in the accident. Before jumping to the conclusion that an attorney is not needed, there are a few questions that need to asked and answered.

What Happened?
Yours may be a one vehicle accident, however what else happened? Did you hit an animal? Did you crash into a tree or someone’s fence? If your accident caused damage to someone’s property you will need the help of an attorney to sort things out. Running over a stray dog is a sad situation, however, hitting a pedigreed show dog who happened to get away from its owner at that particular second is a different matter.

When another person’s property is involved, it is best for you to seek the advice of an attorney to insure that your rights are protected in the event of litigation. You will also need the help of an attorney to prevent the other person from taking advantage of you.

Why Did the One Vehicle Accident Happen?
There are a variety of factors involved in every accident. It is important to determine which factors are directly related to the situation and the damaged caused. A one vehicle accident can cause a lot of damage even when there is no driver present. Not long ago Toyota had to recall cars due to faulty brake cables. Even on a slight incline, when the brakes disengage, an accident is in the making.

There have been cases where a person’s car careened out of control due to mechanical failure. Getting to the heart of the matter is important. If there are flaws in the manufacturing of parts that led to the accident, you need to be compensated for the damages caused.

There are times when the driver is solely at fault. Alcohol, controlled substances, texting while driving and other distractions lead to accidents every day. Even when only one vehicle is involved, these accidents can result in damages that can land you in court.

Better Safe than Sorry
When dealing with a one vehicle accident, it is wise to consult with a lawyer both for your protection and for your benefit. If you are at fault, and another’s property was damaged in some way, a car accident lawyer can help prevent the other party from capitalizing on the circumstances. Legal representation will also insure that your rights are protected. If there was some cause for the accident outside of your control, such as mechanical failure, you will need representation for compensation.

If you live in eastern Oklahoma, the law offices of Edwards & Patterson are here to help you. We are in it to fight for you. Before making the decision that you don’t need a lawyer, contact us. Talk to one of our lawyers about your situation. We can help.

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  • Contact Edwards & Patterson Law Firm today for a free consultation.
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  • Contact Edwards & Patterson Law Firm today for a free consultation.
  • Contact Edwards & Patterson Law Firm today for a free consultation.
  • Contact Edwards & Patterson Law Firm today for a free consultation.
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