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The Lead in Spinal Cord Injury Is...

Posted on: May 2, 2017 by Edwards & Patterson Law

spinal cord injury

A spinal cord injury results from damage caused to the ligaments, vertebrae or disks of the spinal column, or to the actual spinal cord. A spinal cord injury may stem from traumatic or non-traumatic causes. Traumatic causes may include sudden blows to the spine that affect the vertebrae. These blows may cut, puncture, crush, fracture or dislocate one or more vertebrae. In addition to sudden trauma, additional damage can occur over time due to swelling, bleeding, inflammation or fluid accumulating in and around the spinal cord. Non-traumatic spinal cord injuries stem from cancer, infections, arthritis or the degeneration of the discs of the spine.

Leading Causes of Spinal Cord Injury

The following are leading causes of spinal cord injuries in the United States:

  • Sports-related and recreation injuries. Athletic activities, including impact sports and shallow water diving, are the cause of 9 percent of spinal cord injuries.
  • A spinal cord injury after the age of 65 is most likely the result of a fall. Falls are the cause of over one-fourth of all spinal cord injuries.
  • Acts of violence. Approximately 15 percent of spinal cord injuries are a result of violence, involving trauma caused by gunshots and knife wounds.
  • Motor vehicle accidents. According to the Mayo Clinic, automobile and motorcycle accidents are the leading cause for spinal cord injury, and directly contribute to over 35 percent of new spinal cord injuries each year. In addition, alcohol use is a contributor to 1 spinal cord injury out of every 4.

Regardless of the severity of any injury to the brain or spinal cord, there are always consequences. In many cases, this will include lost wages from work and overwhelming medical costs. According to data from the National Spinal Cord Statistical Center, this is often more than $1 million in the first year and approximately $185,000 each subsequent year. Moreover, the affected patient and their family must learn to cope with their new condition and readjust to an entirely new life.

What if I Suffered a Spinal Cord Injury in an Accident?

Legal action stemming from spinal cord injuries normally centers on negligence or defective products. Negligence implies actions or the lack of actions by an individual or entity that directly caused the injury in question. If defective products are at fault, a specific product’s manufacturing process or a design flaw caused or contributed to the injury. Liability must be demonstrated for such a lawsuit to be successful. Any amount of settlement depends on the severity of the injury in question, medical expenses and the victim’s resulting health and well-being. Every situation is unique, and you need expert legal advice before considering any actions in court.

If you have been involved in a motor vehicle accident in McAlester, Tulsa or anywhere throughout Eastern Oklahoma that resulted in a spinal cord injury, contact the attorneys at Edwards & Patterson Law. We offer free case evaluations with no strings. Call us today at 877-403-8417 or contact us online for a consultation.

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  • Contact Edwards & Patterson Law Firm today for a free consultation.
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