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Finding Intimacy when Your Body Hurts

Posted on: August 17, 2017 by Edwards & Patterson Law

finding intimacy

When you have been in an accident that resulted in injury, your suffering is not just limited to the physical pain that you suffer. The pain that you are suffering can also affect your personal relationships. Whether those relationships are between spouses, partners, or between parent and child, an injury that makes intimacy difficult or impossible will greatly change your life.

It is hard for others to understand how physical pain can change the way we approach intimacy. Even if acts of intimacy do not cause pain in the moment, you may suffer from it in the following days or weeks. Therefore, the anticipation of pain is often enough to make you reluctant to share intimate moments with those you love the most.

Due to the injury you have suffered, your loved ones become victims, too. Knowing that your loved ones are also suffering is not good for your emotional wellbeing. You will begin to experience guilt, depression, anxiety, anger etc. If the situation is not addressed it can lead to the complete breakdown of relationships within the home.

Pain Management and Therapy

Treatment to help you manage your pain will go a long way towards allowing you to understand your injury. You may need to make some adjustments when being intimate with your partner. However, it is better to accept compromise than allow a relationship to break down altogether.

If your relationship is strong you will adjust to the changes that you need to make, so long as you support each other throughout the difficult times you are both facing. When you come through to the other side you will likely become stronger for the experience.

It is also important to accept that it is okay to ask for help when dealing with the emotional impacts that a painful body has on finding intimacy. Couple’s or family therapy will allow you to share how you feel, and how the lack of intimacy affects your relationships.

Wellbeing therapies, such as massage and lifestyle coaching can help you find release from the stresses and anxieties of the situation, too. Psychology plays a major role in pain management and how we react to stressful situations. If you are constantly feeling tense because of pain or friction in your relationships, finding intimacy becomes increasingly difficult.

Touch Exploration

Touch exploration has proven to be extremely beneficial for couples, where one or both partners are finding intimacy difficult due to pain. Instead of simply trying to explain where pain is causing issues, you essentially turn a negative into a positive. Physically showing your partner where touching feels more comfortable and pleasurable is a more intimate way of communicating.

With touch exploration, you can teach your partner a new map of your body, without any negative connotations forming. If your pain is progressive, you can repeat the process as much as needed to avoid any ill feelings or anxiety surrounding the intimate time that you spend together.

Did you know that loss of intimacy is considered a non- economic loss? Edwards & Patterson can help you seek compensation for both economic and non- economic losses. Call us today to find out more.

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  • Contact Edwards & Patterson Law Firm today for a free consultation.
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